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Fixture Request – Vista v2

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Before submitting a request please check if the fixture you need is included in the latest software release by searching the Vista Fixture Library PDF. Fixture files added between releases are available from the New Fixtures page.

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    Jands Vista Fixture Creation Policy

    At Jands our policy is that we will always try to create profiles for new fixtures for use with the Vista range of consoles as soon as we can after receiving the request.

    To enable us to meet these requests in the shortest possible time, you must provide:

    • the date by which you need the profile
    • a full user manual and DMX chart which we will use to create the profile.

    Urgent Requests (Less than 5 Working Days)

    We will consider requests for fixture profiles within five working days to be urgent. We will attempt to fulfill Urgent requests within five days of receiving the fixture documentation.

    We are not liable for any inaccuracies caused by incorrect documentation and, depending on the complexity of the fixture, we may provide the file with only raw parameters. We reserve the right to determine the complexity of the fixture.
    While we will make our best effort to fulfil urgent requests, we cannot always guarantee to do so within the timeframe you request.

    Urgent requests for a large number of fixtures will not be accepted.

    Non-urgent Requests (More than 5 Working Days)

    Fixture profiles that are required within more than five working days will be considered non-urgent. We will attempt to deliver the profile with as many parameters as we can include in the time you require. Correct documentation will generally reduce the time it takes for us to deliver the file.

    While we will make our best effort to fulfil non-urgent requests, we cannot always guarantee to do so within the timeframe you request.

    Requests to Include Whole Product Ranges

    If you want to request the inclusion of a whole product range in the Jands Vista Library you must provide:

    • full user manuals and DMX charts for each fixture contained in the range
    • the contact details for technical support at the manufacturer
    • a list indicating which fixtures you want us to supply first.

    We will use this list to determine the order in which these fixtures will be included in the library. We will also provide a list of approximate dates for inclusion of this list into future library updates.


    Vista v1 fixture service closed on July 1 2012. Read more