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Jands Vista v2 now shipping

Jands has announced that its entire range of Vista consoles are now shipping with version 2 of the software.

After three years of intense development, extensive testing and finally, use on several major shows and events by beta-testers worldwide – including the opening ceremony of Turku, Finland as joint European Capital of Culture in 2011; the Fifth Gear Live Action Arena at the Autosport International 2011 show in Birmingham, UK; and the BURDA event at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE – the software is now factory-standard with new Vista consoles and available as a free upgrade to existing users.

Jands recently demonstrated the Vista v2 (code named ’Byron‘) at the 2010 PLASA and LDI trade shows, generating a huge amount of interest in the new capabilities the software brings to the revolutionary Vista console. The Vista v2 will receive its official launch at the Prolight & Sound 2011 trade show, Frankfurt this week (6th-9th April).

The Vista was a huge hit with its basic principle of ’think visually, work visually‘”, said Paul Mulholland, Managing Director of Jands, “and version 2 takes that to a whole new level. We‘ve re-designed the whole user interface around this concept and it‘s already revolutionised the way a lot of our Vista customers work.

As well as a revamped visual interface, Vista v2 introduces a host of features, including:

  • tracking backup – instantly switches control to a synchronised second console or PC if the main console fails for any reason
  • integrated media server control – including automatic thumbnail import of content from most industry standard mediaservers
  • matrix and video effects – runs intensity, colour, movement, even video files across LEDs or other fixture types arranged in columns and rows
  • default and split fade times – provides a quick and easy way to set and edit cue timing, including separate up and down times for intensity.

And just in case you want to stick with version 1 while you get used to version 2, the Vista 2 consoles also offer a dual-boot function.

We took everything we learned from our customers‘ experiences with version 1 and completely overhauled the platform from the ground up,” said Paul Mulholland.
The new version provides simpler and faster ways to do existing functions, and at the same time introduces a host of powerful new features all presented in an intuitive visual interface.

Find out more about the Vista v2 or visit the A.C. Entertainment Technologies stand (Location 9.0, E63) at Prolight & Sound 2011, Frankfurt for a demonstration.

2 responses to “Jands Vista v2 now shipping”

  1. gregory says:

    i want know when byron will be ready for mac ?

  2. DavidM says:

    We are committed to producing a Mac version but we don’t have a firm delivery date as yet.

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