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Vista install at Christ’s Church of the Valley

Christ Church of the Valley


Christ‘s Church of the Valley in Arizona wanted to make their message even clearer to the congregation of 10,000 people, so they invested in a multi-million dollar lighting, video and audio system.

Director of Lighting, Brett McFarland, explains why he chose a Jands Vista console to control their state of the art lighting system:

“Part of our mandate is to always promote excellence. However, we are in the unique position that we often have inexperienced operators. With a modern console, you can imagine the headaches this can cause. Add the fact that we run four services a weekend and have events happening throughout the week, and providing excellence is a tall order. With the Vista we are able to train a volunteer operator to run and program the console in about 30 minutes versus several days, and the copy and paste functions combined with the timeline features have cut my programming time in half.”

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