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Stage CL Console becomes the Wizard of Oz

Oz Management Entertainment

Tony Jex, managing director of Oz Management Entertainment is thrilled with his new Jands Stage CL console, the little winner designed specifically for LED fixtures but just as suitable for conventional lights. Put simply, he loves the Stage CL’s capacity to control LED lights in an easy, old-school fashion with flash buttons and faders.

With some of the small DMX consoles you almost need a calculator to work out which fader is going to control which element of the DMX functions on your fixtures, ” commented Tony. “With the Stage CL, Jands has recognised that and seen a gap in the market. I did look at some software options as well but I prefer to ‘play’ the console like a musical instrument. A lot of the work I do is with bands that I may be working with for the first time and the Stage CL allows me to easily interact with them.

One feature that Tony particularly favours is the ‘one channel strip per fixture’ which helps him to change colours easily as well as fade in and out. He also likes the record feature that allows him to easily bring up a scene, hit the record button and in two steps it is locked away.

You can lock a scene away in a variety of places then recall it quickly and easily in a number of different ways making it perfect to use on the fly, ” Tony added. “I also like the snapshot (hold) function as well as the preset modes for colour mixing and chasing.
In the Mimic mode you can see the digital fader position, level of luminosity and colour for each fixture as it is all graphically laid out for you on the screen, as are elements such as individual steps of chases making editing super easy.

Oz Management Entertainment specialise in corporate events, small bands, weddings, conferences and gala dinners and they don’t carry large amounts of inventory compared to some of the larger AV companies, however what they do have, they own unlike most of their competitors.

We aim to provide a quality production but within the budget range of our marketplace, ” stated Tony.

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