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Scene Change boost their lighting inventory

Scene Change

Scene Change in Sydney has given their lighting inventory a boost with the addition of more ETC Source Four Profiles, Jands 4PAK-D four Channel Dimmer/Controllers and the new Jands Stage CL lighting console.

Vicken Hekimian, director of Scene Change Sydney, says that the Jands Stage CL is a smart entry-level console and ideal for controlling LEDs.

“It’s really easy to set up, simple to use and has a lot of features for the price point,” he said. “The menu structure is very good so it’s intuitive and easy to operate. It’s a great little LED control surface that simply just works.”

Vicken describes the ETC Source Four Profile as a particularly good value item saying that the cost for what you get is amazing.

“It’s a good, even light source and is very reliable,” he added. “We own many ETC Source Four Profiles and we’ve never had a problem with any of them. It’s a good robust light that just keeps on giving.”

Vicken states that the Jands 4PAK-D is handy due to its compact size and it has DMX so if needed, they can set the Jands 4PAK-D up remotely.

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