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Vista Training at LDI 2013

Back to School with A.C. Lighting

LDI 2013School is back in session and lighting professionals everywhere are sharpening their programming chops, as well as honing their video skills, to stay at the top of their game in our hyper-tech industry. Now is the time to sign up for the excellent Jands Vista and ArKaos product training sessions at this year’s LDI Show in November.

A.C. Lighting Inc., in conjunction with the LDInstitute, are proud to bring the best instructors from Jands and ArKaos to LDI for training. Last year’s Jands Vista LDI training session sold out in advance of the show.
Take advantage of the Early Bird Discounts and save big.

Study up and bring your teacher a bright and shiny apple. Better yet, bring your teacher a MacBook Pro as the Jands Vista and ArKaos platforms are PC and Mac compatible.

LDInstitute: Jands Vista Lighting & Media Console Training

No matter if you are new to the exciting Jands Vista lighting and media control range, or are an existing user, the latest Vista v2 software will enable you to get the most from whatever mix of technology you have available, whether dimmers, moving lights, LEDs or media.

Eddie WelshWe have set aside two full days to provide both introductory and advanced programming training sessions on the Vista v2 software in partnership with the LDInstitute.

Eddie Welsh of Jands is flying in from Australia to provide top-notch training. Early registration is recommended as space is limited, so why not sign up now:

Save $100 with an Early Bird Discount when you sign up by October 18th.

The training session will cover all aspects of the new Vista v2 software and is geared to all levels and types of user – including designers, programmers, and operators – no matter what your background or knowledge level.

Introductory Level Vista Training
Advanced Level Vista Training


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