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JL36/12 & JL24/8 Consoles

JL24/8 Lighting Console

Jands JL36/12 and 24/8 consoles were first manufactured in early 1980 and quickly became a standard for local rental companies and bands who owned their own lighting rigs. The 2 preset console featured flash buttons with LED level indicators, scene submasters, a three channel chaser, and master controls including DBO. Channels were patched to the scenes and chase sub masters by means of a pin-matrix board (manufactured by Ghielmetti Switzerland), with special diode pins.

The console featured hand finished Black Bean wooden end pieces and a hinged arm rest with a storage area inside. Unconventionally, the whole front panel was also hinged at the top so it could be opened for repairs and maintenance.

While the production consoles were powder coated black, the original plan was for them to be painted a deep brown and the first prototype was made this way. At the time all Jands Concert Productions lighting cases were painted brown to distinguish them from the black audio cases.

The brown prototype was sold to Billy McCartney who had set up a production company in Bangkok and urgently needed a console for a concert by the Osmonds


  • 2 presets with 36 or 24 60mm faders
  • Flash buttons with Add, Solo and disabled options
  • Channel output level indicator LEDs
  • 12 or 8 Scene masters with flash buttons
  • Chase mode switches on the last three scenes
  • 36 x 12 or 24 x 8 Ghielmetti pin matrix
  • Chase on-off, forward-reverse, chase follow and rotary rate control
  • P1, P2, Preset GM, Scene and Chase masters
  • DBO switch


View or Download the JL36/12 & 24/8 Brochure

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  1. Howard Norsetter says:

    We have a JL 36/12 lighting control unit we would like to move on. Comes with a road case. Located in Brunswick East.

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