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12 Tips for Christmas. Week 2

Brush up on your Programming

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Jands lighting consoles are packed with plenty of features that are designed to help you program faster in order to make your shows look spectacular. But sometimes you might want to achieve a particular visual effect and are having trouble translating your ideas from concepts to the stage. Expanding on last week’s email on “Check Your System is Up-to-Date”, this is the perfect time to explore the newest features found in the most recent software update, or to re-familiarise yourself with old features that you can now use to bring your masterpiece to life!
Here are some great places to find out more about how to use many of the features found in our consoles:

  • Read the user manual and release notes.
  • Check out the training videos.
  • Join our user forums. Users from all over the world contribute to our forums and are more than happy to offer some expert advice on how to create your perfect show. Don’t be afraid to ask your questions!
  • Contact our support team. Using our web form will get you in direct contact with a member of the support team and we will respond as quickly as possible.

Video Tip 2 – Copying or Moving Playback pages

Video Tip 2
In this video you’ll see how to copy or move playback pages from one playback set to another or from one console type to another.

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