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12 Tips for Christmas – Week 3

Ask us a question

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Carrying on from our previous two tips, ‘Checking that your Software is Updated’, and ‘Brushing Up on your Programming’, we feel now would be a good time for YOU to ask us any questions you may have about unfamiliar features on the Vista and/or Stage CL software platforms. Do you have any problems that we can help you with? Or maybe you want to bring in a new function to compliment your next performance? We have several channels that you can use to get in touch with us and the Jands Lighting community. You can contact us and other users in any of these ways:

By far the best method for urgent support is to use our support forms. However, no matter which method you chose, we will always do our best to answer your questions and to provide you with a timely solution. Remember, providing us with a detailed account of your problem, will help us solve your issue quickly.

To help us diagnose your problem and provide a solution quickly, we require the following details:

  1. Software Version: We need to know all the numbers in the build version. Example: Vista v2.2 Build 12560 (The most recent version, recommended for all users). You can find this information on the Vista > About menu.
  2. Your Console: The Console you are using. Example: Vista L5 / 8192; Vista M Control Surface; Stage CL Console.
  3. Your Setup: What you were doing at the time you experienced the problem
  4. Expected Outcome: What you expected to happen
  5. Actual Outcome: What actually happened
  6. Photos/Videos: Photos and videos that show the problem help us enormously

Remember, so that we have adequate time to troubleshoot your problem, it is always better to ask questions early rather than leaving it to the last second — especially with the Christmas season rapidly approaching, .

Video Tip 3 – Customising the Output window

Video tip 3
In this video you’ll see how to use the right-click menu to customise what’s displayed in the Output window.

Watch on Youtube >

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