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12 Tips for Christmas – Week 4

Train your team

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Think about the team you are working with. How many of them have been working with you for a while? What is their knowledge level and experience level with the lighting console, and your lighting rig?

We highly encourage you to review the training videos for the Jands consoles with your team members to familiarise them with many of the features found in the Jands Vista and Stage CL:

Even if the majority of your team may have solid experience with using the lighting console and rig, it is never a bad time to review the Jands videos to better understand problem areas, or even learn new techniques sometimes overlooked. We have found that many users discover features they are not familiar with each time they have reviewed our videos.

Video Tip 4 – Spitting the Playbacks

Video tip 3
In this video you’ll learn how to split the playbacks to double or triple the number of cuelists and other components you have at your finger tips.

Watch on Youtube >

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