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12 Tips for Christmas – Week 6

Familiarise yourself with new equipment

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If you have bought or intend to buy new equipment (or are going to rent it in) familiarise yourself with how it operates and interacts with your console well in advance. Taking this important step ensures that you won’t have any unexpected surprises closer to show time.

Sometimes what looks and feels like a problem with a console not controlling a piece of equipment is actually a misunderstanding of how the two items interact.

What if you don’t have access to the equipment prior to programming and show time?

  • Check out the Jands Lighting forum .
    The Jands Lighting forum is comprised of people who have vast experience of all aspects of the lighting industry. They are very willing to provide advice or offer up suggestions to help make your show great!
  • See if anyone on the industry forums can help you. The most popular ones are:
    The Lightnetwork
    Blue Room
    Control Booth

Properly familiarising yourself with new equipment, prior to programming for a show and the actual show time, will reduce the chance of unexpected problems arising.

Video Tip 6 – Learn Timing

Video Tip 6
Understand the uses of Vista’s unique feature, the Learn Timing function, which allows the console to adjust your cue start times by recording the intervals between your button presses.

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One response to “12 Tips for Christmas – Week 6”

  1. Garrett says:

    Love these little feature videos.. Been a long time Jands user and I feel like some of these things can just get missed, even if you watch the videos and read the manual.

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