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12 Tips for Christmas – Week 11

Don’t panic – common problems

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When you have two thousand pairs of eyes staring at you because the stage has gone dark, it’s quite easy to forget how to approach a problem. Here are a few common issues and solutions which you might come up against when preparing for your show:

My console is not outputing DMX

  • Check that the Grandmaster is up
  • Check that the universes are connected and assigned in Vista
  • Check the intensity fader in the super playback section is up

My console goes to sleep

  • Make sure the host computer has all power saving functions switched off

How do I update my console firmware?

My console won’t read my USB drive

The rig blacks out periodically

My system was working, but now it isn’t

  • Ask yourself what has changed?
  • Did someone add a new device, change some cables over, or do something else?
  • If you can revert the change, do so and then test your system. If it works, great!

Video Tip 11 – Your questions answered.

Video tip 11In Week 3 we asked everyone to submit questions they had about the Jands Vista and Stage CL consoles. This week we have answered them for you, citing many specific examples to address your problems! We hope you enjoy!

Watch on Youtube >

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