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Dierks Bentleys Somewhere on a Beach Tour

Dirks Bentley 3

The July issue of Lighting&Sound America includes a review of Dierks Bentley’s current Somewhere on a Beach Tour, which features lighting control by a Jands Vista console.


(LD Chris) Reade programmed the show, and is out on the road with a Jands Vista console. “It’s the most stable console I’ve ever been on in my career,” he says. “It’s more of a visual console, so I can go into the time line—which is a lot like video editing—and I can see the parameters per instrument that are active in that cue, and I can change the parameters in seconds. It’s very logical, as well as intuitive—it makes sense, everything flows really well and I can do fairly complicated things in a much simpler way.” Reade has worked on other consoles, but keeps going back to the Vista. “The Jands Vista is my console and I love it,” he concludes

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This article is reproduced courtesy of Lighting & Sound America / writer Sharon Stancavage.

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