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Jands and Chroma-Q Solutions for BridgePoint Church

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North America – BridgePoint Church in St. Petersburg, Florida has set the goal of reaching the entire St. Petersburg peninsula by planting ten campuses over ten years. To achieve this, BridgePoint needs to be relevant to the community and fully enable their volunteers. Jands Vista lighting control systems and Chroma-Q Inspire house lighting, recommended and installed by Pendley Productions (based in Cumming, Georgia) – and supplied by A.C. Lighting Inc. – are playing a role in achieving this goal.

Jands Vista

Bridgeport Church 2Ensuring that volunteers are well equipped to work in any of their production spaces is a priority to BridgePoint. “We wanted to equip our spaces with the same control system, to have consistency with lighting,” states Michael McBride, lighting associate at BridgePoint. “We wanted to be able to start small, but build upon the lighting system as we grow. But we also wanted a system that is easy for volunteers to learn and operate – we want to focus on the volunteers, not on the gear.” Vista was the ideal system to meet these goals.

A Vista S3 system is installed in their main auditorium controlling five universes of DMX over streaming ACN. A Vista S1 controls the lighting in their student ministries space, and a Vista M1 powers the ministry space for the older children’s ministry. Their younger children’s ministry space, having very modest lighting control needs, features a Jands Stage CL console for its simplicity and ease of use. And their recently opened downtown campus uses a Vista S1 as well. “Jands just makes it so easy,” comments Michael. “The Vista software is the same across all their models, so once a volunteer learns Vista in one venue, they know how to use it in all of our venues.


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