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Vista controls three state of the art new venues

European Venue Installs
Three new venues across Europe with first class technical facilities and very different system requirements are benefitting from the Jands Vista‘s advanced approach to lighting control.

Finnish professional systems integrator, Electrosonic Lightinen Oy Ab, has supplied Jands Vistas to the Levi Summit venue in Lapland. Multi-purpose facilities, hi-tech equipment and an auditorium large enough to stage world-class performances and major product launches make the Levi Summit a first class venue for diverse events.

When tasked with providing the best lighting control system available for the main auditorium, Electrosonic specified a Jands Vista T4 as the main console and Vista PC with M1 playback hardware as a secondary console. The Vistas can be remotely controlled via the building‘s AMX system, enabling seamless automation of the auditorium‘s lighting and AV systems. A rack of Jands FPX units, which were specified due to their high quality, reliability, and excellent price, provides the lighting rig‘s dimming.

Distributor A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd. (formerly known as A.C. Lighting Ltd.), has supplied a Jands Vista to The Grand in Clitheroe, UK. The former cinema has been completely revamped as a multi-million pound live music venue, studio and AV installation with the ability to record performances in HD audio and video.

With the venue used for many different events, each with their own technical requirements, A.C. Entertainment Technologies Ltd. was contracted by audio installation specialist Wigwam to provide a system featuring lighting, rigging, and a substantial electrical and network infrastructure, which offered the venue total flexibility. Central to the system is a Jands Vista T2 console, which controls various LED, moving light and conventional fixtures.

Norwegian lighting company, Live Technic, has supplied a Jands Vista I3 to PA Compagniet AS, main production equipment contractor for the new Spot nightclub in Kristiansand, Norway. One of the country‘s most technically advanced and sophisticated nightclubs, Spot features two levels split into numerous ’mood‘ zones, each with its own live stage.

Live Technic specified the Vista due to its stability, fast programming and flexibility for the club‘s hectic environment. The user-friendly visual interface meant Spot‘s inexperienced lighting operators, the house DJs, were instantly comfortable with the console. A Vista I3 controls the main dancefloor and adjacent stage lighting, including a pair of Robe‘s new DigitalSpot 3000 DT, the first combined digital moving light projector and LED-based wash light.

Featuring an intuitive visual interface, innovative timeline editing function and generic fixture model, the Vista is both fast and simple to use. The console‘s graphic-based interface will be immediately familiar to anyone who‘s ever used a modern computer application, whilst the introduction of programming via a ‘timeline’ gives you the complete picture and total control of your lighting events. The generic fixture model allows you to treat all fixtures in the same way and takes the hassle out of changing fixtures, adapting automatically if you have to run the same show with a different rig.

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