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12 Tips for Christmas – Week 4

Train your team Missed the previous topics? You can catch up on all of them on this page. Think about the team you are working with. How many of them have been working with you for a while? What is their knowledge level and experience level with the lighting console, and your lighting rig? We […]

12 Tips for Christmas – Week 3

Ask us a question Missed the previous topics? You can catch up on all of them on this page. Carrying on from our previous two tips, ‘Checking that your Software is Updated’, and ‘Brushing Up on your Programming’, we feel now would be a good time for YOU to ask us any questions you may […]

12 Tips for Christmas. Week 2

Brush up on your Programming Missed last week’s topic? You can catch up on all of our topics each week on this page. Jands lighting consoles are packed with plenty of features that are designed to help you program faster in order to make your shows look spectacular. But sometimes you might want to achieve […]

12 Tips for Christmas. Week 1

Check your software is up to date This may sound silly but it is not unusual for people to contact us with a problem, only to find that their software has not been updated for an extended period of time. We post the latest versions of our software in the support section of our website: […]

Vista L5 goes West (and Australia wide) with CCPWA

Since Perth’s Concert and Corporate Productions (CCPWA to their friends) purchased their Jands Vista L5 they’ve barely had the pleasure of its company. And it’s that kind of immediate return on investment that really makes a production company happy. Sean McKernan, General Manager of CCPWA, couldn’t be happier with its absence. “We got it mid-September […]

PLSN Magazine reviews Stage CL

The October 2013 issue of PLSN magazine features a ‘Road Test’ of the Stage CL Console by Justin Lang “Twelve sliders directly control 12 fixtures — or up to 24 with a recent software update that allows for two pages of fixtures. The two knobs above each slider are for Hue and Saturation control — […]

CX magazine reviews Stage CL

Writing in the November 2012 edition of CX magazine, Jimmy Den-Ouden reviewed an early model Stage CL console running beta software. “The popularity of affordable LED fixtures has answered a lot of questions for many users, but at the same time it’s generated another, bigger question. How to control the darned things? Typically people have […]

Vista L5 Controls Multi-Media Experience

A Jands Vista L5 media and lighting control console, running the latest Vista v2 software, was used by designer Geoffrey Platt to help deliver US telecoms company 5LINX Enterprises‘ corporate vision to over 8,000 sales delegates. Geoff, of Atlanta based Production People Inc. (PPi), used the Vista L5 with another of the family, a Vista […]

HSL Lights Liverpool 08 Opening

Photos from Flickr – see more >> At ‘The People’s Opening’, in Liverpool, Stephen Page of DBN Lighting controlled the main stage with a Vista T2 while Rob Sinclair used his new suitcase-sized S1 for the CBS broadcast of their ’Good Morning America‘ programme. From etnow.com News HSL supplied all lighting equipment including over 200 […]

New York Musical Theatre Festival

Vista S3 and WYSIWYG join LD Glen Hunter for The Good Fight in New York. The Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) is one of the most prestigious theatre schools in the country, and was recently selected to tour The Good Fight at the 2007 New York Musical Theatre Festival. Written by Nick Enright […]