Jands Stage


JL36/12 & JL24/8 Consoles

Jands JL36/12 and 24/8 consoles were first manufactured in early 1980 and quickly became a standard for local rental companies and bands who owned their own lighting rigs. The 2 preset console featured flash buttons with LED level indicators, scene submasters, a three channel chaser, and master controls including DBO. Channels were patched to the […]

JL 48/16 Lighting console

First used on the Rod Stewart tour in 1977 –

JL2 – Jands Lighting Console #2

Built in 1973 mainly for use at concerts, this was Jands second lighting console and the first to include timed crossfades. The console was designed by David Mulholland and Philip Storey. Features 30 Channels, 2 Presets a A+B B channel grouping and sub masters Flash buttons Preset Masters with timed in / outface +12v output […]