Jands Stage


FPX 12 x 2.4kW

Jands FPX DimmerFor almost a decade now, the FP has been THE stalwart dimmer, giving schools, small theatres and rental companies an economical and reliable way to fade lights up and down.

The FPX takes all the rugged reliability and simplicity of the FP and adds some great features.
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HPC 12 x 2.4kW

Jands HPC AirGap DimmerThe HPC12 with AirGap™ technology integrates dimming & high current full-on and full-off contactor elements on each channel to deliver true, any load performance.

Available in either 220 or 470µs rise times and upon request, with single Triac or dual SCR dimming devices plus a variety of output panel options. The HPC12 may also be fitted with an RCD protection device on each channel.
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WMX 12 x 2.4kW

Jands WMX DimmerThe Jands WMX is a high quality wall mounting 12 channel 2.4KVA per channel dimmer rack specifically designed for contracting/theatre applications.

A simple menu is used to access the configuration and test options making the product ideal for schools and general installation use.
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