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HPC Dimmer

Jands HPC AirGap Dimmer

The HPC12 continues the JANDS tradition of building rugged and reliable dimmers and provides an innovative solution for all dimming and power control needs.

The HPC12 with AirGap™ technology integrates both dimming and high current full-on and full-off contactor type elements on each channel to deliver true, any load performance.

The HPC 12 has been designed with flexibility in mind. The Jands HPC12 is available in either 220 or 470µs rise times and upon request, with single Triac or dual SCR dimming devices plus a variety of output panel options. The HPC12 may also be fitted with an RCD protection device on each channel. In other words, you can maximise control of your rig with peace of mind.

The HPC12 provides all the features you expect from a top end product. Current control algorithms reduce the instance of circuit breaker drop out due to cold lamp inrush, while dual speed controlled fans, extremely high performance mains filtering and a soft over-temperature cut-out ensure maximum duty cycle and performance.

Feature List

  • Combined dimmer and contactor per channel.
  • A channel in switch mode that is turned off has a true air gap between the incoming mains and the output socket.
  • DMX-512 digital control protocol with RDM
  • Optional Ethernet control module
  • Soft over-temperature cutout
  • Dual temperature controlled DC fans
  • Third-order active filters eliminate mains noise issues