Jands Stage

WMX Wall Mount DImmer

Jands WMX Dimmer

The WMX – bringing the road back home

The WMX is a high-quality, wall-mounted, 12-channel (2.4KVA) dimmer rack specifically designed for contracting and theatre applications. The Jands WMX takes all the winning features that have made the FPX dimmer a big hit with touring companies and applies them to fixed-installation operations.

With its simple menu for configuration and test options and its high- visibility LED display panel, the WMX is perfect for small theatres, schools, boardrooms, and other permanent installations.

No-risk flashes

We’ve all seen circuit breakers pop when you flash a couple of Par-64s, this happens because the current surge can be up to ten times normal with a cold lamp. With the WMX this is a thing of the past: we’ve built in smart turn-on software that smoothes the current surge, preventing circuit breakers from tripping. With the WMX you can go from full-black to full-blast without fear of blowing a circuit.

Road-proof and mistake-proof

The WMX has an auto-shutoff feature that switches the rack off if it gets no DMX signal for ten minutes – if someone switches off the control room but not the dimmers, the WMX will work this out by itself.

Easier all round

With a completely re-designed front panel that provides a three-digit seven- segment, high-contrast display screen and easy-to-use buttons for testing and configuration, the WMX is easier to use than ever.

The WMX – all the experience gained on the road, in your permanent installation.

Feature List

  • 2 x 10A dimming channels
  • DMX-512 digital control protocol
  • DMX-512 terminating switch
  • Soft turn-on characteristic
  • Opto-fired Triac output devices
  • Three mains phase indicator LEDs
  • ‘DMX-In’ LED for DMX-512 signal indication
  • ‘Fault’ LED for dimmer error condition indication
  • Digital DMX start channel display
  • Built-in test facilities
  • Dimmer curve set for linear relationship between the control input and output power
  • Compensates for fluctuations in the mains supply voltage and minimises the effect of superimposed control tones, ensuring a constant light output and increased lamp life
  • Microprocessor control
  • Single internal temperature-controlled DC fan
  • Single or three phase operation
  • Over-temperature cutouts
  • Pre-heat facility
  • Dimmer will hold last DMX value for a set time ifcontrol data is interrupted