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Using Vista v2
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Gobos not appearing in the Images folder

Sat Feb 03, 2018 2:42 pm

I have been using the fixture type editor for a while now and until I updated vista to 2.3 (17736) I have been able to go into the VistaData folder and then into the FixtureTypeLibrary folder and click the Images folder where I would find a long list gobos that I could click and use for gobo images when creating a new fixture. After updating to 17736 the folder is still there but empty. However when I select a fixture in Vista the gobos appears so I know the folder has not been misplaced or removed from the VistaData folder (because last time I removed the gobos from VistaData the gobos did not appear in the fixture chooser). What I am trying to ask is that is there a way to get the gobos back? I am using a Mac Book.
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