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Set element grouping per fixture

Wed Dec 31, 2014 5:12 am

I've been playing around with the 2.3 beta: the SmartFX tab is wonderful! One thing I do have a comment about: We have fixtures that are multi-element in the sense that there are multiple controllable segments of a single head (such as a wash whose center beam can be controlled independently from the outer ring) as well as ones that are actually multiple heads (Chauvet's Intimidator Spot Duo). The problem with this kind of mixed environment is that when executing SmartFX for color or intensity, I have to have each kind of fixture follow a different effect: When I choose "select elements individually" I have each of my independent heads doing something different, but most effects are lost on the washes as the elements all blend together. If I choose "group elements together" my washes work as a unit as intended, but on my multi-head fixtures, all the heads are doing the same thing. If there was some way of setting a default setting per fixture (which could, of course, be overridden if needed) it would make programming effects tons easier.

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