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 Lightning FX 
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Post Lightning FX
I'm trying to create a lightning effect but cannot figure out how to make it happen. Is ther a tutorial or a basic lightning fx out there?

Mon Apr 25, 2016 12:25 am

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Post Re: Lightning FX
The way I normally achieve this is via something like the following:
- select all my fixtures I want to act in the effect
- apply new Intensity swing effect
- under Intensity Tab create more steps to the chase (the more steps the more detailed the lightning)
- randomly or methodically add different intensity values to each step
IE. 100,0,75,0,0,0,100,0,25,0,100,0,100,0,0,60
- Vary up the curve selections to your liking, Square Law and Snaps is a good place to start, try to mimic flashes with fast attack up (Snaps) and slow decay down (Square Law), use snap decay too
- use the rate field to add a multiplier for the speed ( eg, Rate 20 with multiplier x14 )
- Under sequence tab turn stagger to 0 so all fixtures are flashing at the same time

You should have a pretty random looking flash sequence going on now
if you want to randomize it up and add some dimension try this
- Next copy one of the fixtures ( Ctrl+C ) and paste ( Ctrl+V ) this onto another fixture
this has copied the FX data into a new effect specific for that fixture
- now you can edit some specific steps (this keeps some big flashes in time with the other effect still running) or use the Phase adjustment under the Advanced tab to offset the whole sequence.

you should be able to create some very convincing results with this, even adding or deleting steps out of one or more local fixture effects running will make sure the look never repeats (prime numbers are randomizers best friend try step counts like 13 , 17, 29)

Hope this Helps

Jason Jones
Lighting Director
C3 Church Sydney

Mon Apr 25, 2016 8:03 pm

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Post Re: Lightning FX
I did this in our Oct. Halloween show. It was time consuming, but it worked.

First, I picked a thunder sound clip. Then I started a cuelist.
I had timed the thunder claps, and added cues to coincide with them. I set the LED cue timers to turn on/off in .1 second. I placed cues in between to keep them on/off for a determined time of x seconds.
The first cue was set as HOLD, and the rest were FOLLOW. I even had the house lights flash for a couple of the bigger thunder claps.

As I said, it took time to build it, but the outcome was pretty impressive.

Sat Dec 02, 2017 11:14 am
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