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Notices and software release information.
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Stage CL V1.2 BETA

Mon Oct 07, 2013 6:33 pm

New Features
Responding to many requests from owners wanting to use their Stage CL on bigger shows Jands has doubled the console’s control capability and added several new features and enhancements.

2 Fixture Pages
Stage CL V1.2 provides for 2 fixture pages. This means you can now patch up to 24 fixtures (or groups of fixtures) and use the ‘Page’ button to switch the 12 Fixture Channel faders between the ‘Black’ page (channels 1-12) and the ‘White’ page (channels 13-24)

Amber and White LED blending preferences
Stage CL V1.2 includes preferences for how RGBA fixtures generate Amber and RGBW fixtures generate White. This means that for RGBA fixtures you can set Amber to be only the Amber leds or the Amber LEDs plus a mixture of the Red and Green LEDs.
For RGBW fixtures you can set white to be only the White leds or the White LEDs plus a mixture of the Red, Green and Blue LEDs.
RGBAW fixtures respect both preferences.

Read the full release notes and download the beta here:
Stage CL Downloads/

Update October 9
The Stage CL update installer is temporarily unavailable.
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