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Show files will not be deleted during the software update. However we recommend that you regularly backup your show data to an external USB drive or memory stick.

To copy show files to a USB device open the ‘Shows’ window and select the ‘Save’ tab. For help on backing up your shows see Chapter 12 of the Stage CL manual.

Stage CL Software Updates

Stage CL Software BETA

To install the software on your Stage Cl you will need:

  • A USB memory stick or drive, formatted as FAT32.
  • The update package which can be downloaded using the link above

Updating the Software

  1. Download the software and copy it to the root directory (top level) of the USB drive.
  2. Check that the filename is StageCL_Update_1.3.13563.tar.gz
  3. Check that the file size is 21,729,224 bytes (Mac – Get Info. Windows – right-click on the file and select properties)
  4. Provided both the name and size are correct connect the USB stick to the console.
  5. From the Home screen tap the Settings button, then press the ‘About’ tab button.
  6. Scroll down to the “Update Software from USB.” field, then press the touchscreen dial button to select the ‘Update’ option.
  7. When Stage CL opens the Update Software window press the Yes button to begin the update.
  8. Do NOT disconnect the power before the console has completed the update and re-booted. You will see ‘Rebooting’ on the screen then the console should show the JANDS logo, the StageCL logo and finally the Home screen.


If you are downloading with Safari on a Mac and the download has the wrong name or filesize you may need to turn off Safari’s ‘Open safe files after downloading’ option. To do this:
On the Safari menu select the Preferences option. On the General tab of the Preferences window uncheck the ‘Open safe files after downloading’ box.

Instruction manual

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