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Vista v1 Downloads

Version 1 Software Updates

T4 / T2 / I3 Console Updates

There are significant changes to the operating system in V1.13. For the ISO update the console hard disk must be completely erased and the software re-installed from ISO-CD.

This means you must manually backup or archive any show data (the contents of the /data/ directory) that you want to save.

For help in backing up your data and creating an install CD or USB flash drive download the Guide to burning ISO CDs or the Guide to creating a bootable USB flash drive

Alternatively contact your dealer to obtain an install CD.

N.B. Internet Explorer on Windows XP SP2 may rename the update file with a .tar extension. Please rename as .tgz before loading to the console.

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Windows XP / Vista Application Updates

Macintosh (Intel only) Application Updates

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V1 Instruction manual and Release notes

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V1 Technical Resources

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Required when connecting a console to WYSIWYG via ethernet.

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