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v1 Fixture Files

Vista v1 fixture service closed July 1 2012

Jands Vista v2 was officially released in April 2011 and since then there have been several updates to the software. Features such as timecode, audio, midi & serial control, date & time events and others that were missing, from the inital release, are now standard.

With the majority of our users having switched to the new software all of our development work is being directed towards Vista v2. This means that as of July 1st, 2012 Jands will no longer be able to supply new fixture profiles for the Vista v1 operating system. All existing fixtures profiles will still be available for download from our website but new requests will not be processed.

Vista v2 has an extensive fixture library that now includes over 4000 profiles and is being expanded all the time. In addition, one of the principal features of Vista v2 is a fixture editor that allows end users to create their own fixture profiles or edit existing ones. Jands Vista v2 is a free download for existing users, if you have not upgraded yet, please try out the application by downloading it from v2 download page

Jands will continue to accept user requests for fixtures that do not currently exist in the Vista v2 factory library. If you require a profile for use with Jands Vista v2, simply fill out the online request form.

v1 Fixture Files

These fixture files are not suitable for use on Vista v2.0 ‘Byron’ systems.

Fixture files created after the last release are available in the folders below. The Carallon_Main folder contains most popular fixture files, if you can’t find the fixture you require there search the Jands_Supplementary folder.

How to install fixture files

  1. Download the fixture file to a USB memory stick.
  2. Connect the memory stick to a free USB port on your console or PC
  3. Choose the ‘Import…’ option from the Vista menu.
    On a T series console choose >Import from USB
  4. Choose the fixture file in the file browser window. The Select destination directory window opens.
  5. Double click the ‘user-folder’ to open it.
  6. Double click the ‘Fixtures’ folder to open it.
  7. Click ‘OK’ to finish loading the new fixture to your console.
  8. Restart Vista and fixture should now appear in the ‘User-Fixtures list.

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