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v2 Fixture Files

v2 Fixture Files

The Vista fixture library is updated with each software release.

Fixture files created after the last release are available in the folders below.
These fixture files are not suitable for use on Vista v1 systems.

File format

Fixture files are available as:
Vista v2 '.fix2' file ‘.fix2’ format which can be loaded directly into the fixture editor.
Vista v2 fixture file '.zip' ‘.zip’ format which has to be expanded (or unzipped) to create a .fix2 file.

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GRNLite 22 September 2017
Lightsky 19 September 2017
Omez 15 September 2017
RenewedVision 16 August 2017
Astera 16 August 2017
Microh 16 August 2017
iSolutions 16 August 2017

How to install fixture files

  1. Download either the ‘.fix2’ or ‘.zip’ type fixture files to your PC.
  2. If you downloaded a .zip’ type fixture file expand (unzip) it.
  3. If you loading the fixture file to a T or I series console, copy the fixture file to a USB memory stick and connect it to the console.
  4. In Vista select the ‘Fixture Editor’ option from the Patch menu.
  5. Vista opens the Fixture Type Library Editor window
  6. Select the ‘Import Fixture’ option from the Fixture menu.
  7. Navigate to the directory containing the .fix2 file, select it and click ‘Open’.
  8. Vista displays the ‘Select Library’
  9. Select your user library (normally ‘User Fixture Library’) and press OK.
  10. Press ‘OK’ again to finish loading the new fixture to your console.
  11. Close the Fixture Type Library Editor window and restart Vista .
  12. The fixture(s) should now appear in the ‘User Fixture Library’ folder.