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UD512 device (error -5) on Mac OS X

A -5 error indicates that the drivers required to support the UD512 have not been installed. To install the drivers do this:
1. Open the Vista installer
2. Open the Extras folder
3. Double click the InstallUD512Driver.app icon to run the UD512 solution.
4. Restart your Mac, open Vista and finally connect the UD512.

Why do my lights back out every 5 minutes

If your USB licence dongle is either not connected or not detected the Vista software goes into ‘Demo’ mode and all lights will blackout periodically.

If the dongle is connected the most likely cause of this problem is that the dongle driver has not been installed correctly. For more information download or view the latest release notes.

Is Vista compatible with OSX 10.12 Sierra

Only Vista v2.3.16798 is recommended for use on OSX 10.12
Versions of Vista up to 2.3.15871 cannot be installed Sierra without using a special procedure. For more information read the following tech note:
Tbjlt187 Installing Vista v2 on OSX 10.12 Sierra [Updated]. (PDF - 236KB)
Updating to Sierra may also cause an existing Vista installation to fail.


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