Jands Stage


Visualizers are software packages that let you to set up a virtual lighting rig , connect your Vista console or App via artnet and plot your show.

You can download a free version of the WYSIWYG, ESP Vision or Light Converse visualiser and a matching Vista showfile using the links below. For each visualiser there are also instructions you can download to help you get up and running.

Cast Software – WYSIWYG

What the manufacturer says: “Really Virtually Real” is the tagline for wysiwyg – and we mean for you to take it literally. wysiwyg previsualizations and renders are really virtually real! What you see in your renders or on screen is exactly what you can get on the set, in the venue or on the exterior of the building.

ESP Vision

What the manufacturer says: ESP Vision, provides the tools to achieve the highest level of realistic visual presentation by utilizing advanced computer simulation technology complete with lighting, graphics and special effects. There simply is no better way to preset your ideas than to show your client exactly what your project will look like. A picture is worth a thousand words! Vision 3 runs natively on the MAC OSX


What the manufacturer says: LightConverse software offers real-time, photo-realistic 3D visualization of any type of show. Features include realistic-looking fixtures, photometric rays and gobo visualization, fixture constructor, video inputs, animated objects, animated fog, customizable 3D libraries. Software updates are free of charge for life. The realism and speed are the best in the industry.

Luminex LCE – Wygalizer

What the manufacturer says: Wygalizer is a FREE PC application that allows you to visualize ArtNet universes on Wysiwyg. The driver can be used with any manufacturer of ArtNet devices or software.