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Scene Change add to their Vista family

Scene Change AV

Australia’s Scene Change, ‘the #2 AV Company’, has purchased a Jands Vista S1 console to accompany their existing Jands Vista I3 console.

We‘ve been more than happy with our Vista I3 and it made sense to purchase another console that was already in line with what we were using,” commented Jordan Renouf from Scene Change. “By adding the Vista S1 we‘ve gained more functionality and because it is the same software as the Vista I3, the ease of usability for the guys has been very simple.

Jordan states that the surface of the Vista S1 is particularly good with a good number of playback handles for such a small surface.

Again, it has a similar surface to the Vista I3,” he added. “The Vista is such an intuitive console – easy to use and quick. Because of this intuitive design it‘s very quick to patch and program and have a show up and running quickly. Also, as it‘s designed locally, it‘s really easy to get someone on the phone or to answer your email quickly if you have a query.

The Vista S1 delivers five playbacks, including faders and flash buttons, a complete programming section with three encoder wheels, a rotary master fader, two LCD displays and lots more to make controlling your show a breeze.

Vista European Roadshow

Jands are delighted to announce that we’re taking Vista on the road from September this year, giving users of all levels and all disciples a chance to get hands on with this exciting control system.

Before choosing to use anything else, see how much the next generation Vista v2 software offers you by taking a look for yourself. Vista v2 was designed from the ground up to allow all levels of user get the most from whatever mix of technology they have available, whether dimmers, moving lights, LED, or media. Available in a wide range of hardware options, Vista v2 offers both the simplicity to work fast, with the power to control the finest details, so everyone can focus on creating a great looking show rather than on programming a desk.

The roadshow is being organised in conjunction with local Vista dealers throughout the European, Middle Eastern and African region.

Location Date Venue Address
Stochholm 17/10/2011    
Borlange 18/10/2011    
Norrkoping 19/10/2011    
Gothenburg 20/10/2011    
Malmo 21/10/2011    
Aachen 07/11/2011 Eurogress Aachen Monheimsallee 48, 52062 Aachen
Wiesbaden 08/11/2011 Alte Schmelze Alte Schmelze 10, 65201 Wiesbaden
Stuttgart 09/11/2011 Friedrichsbau Variete Friedrichstraße 24, 70174 Stuttgart
Munchen 10/11/2011 N&M GmbH Wettersteinstr. 1, 82024 Taufkirchen
Hannover 14/11/2011 Deutsche Event Akademie Fuhrenkamp 3-5, 30851 Langenhagen
Berlin 15/11/2011 PAM/events GmbH Flottenstr. 21-22, 13407 Berlin
Hamburg 16/11/2011 Bühnenwerk GmbH Klaus-Groth-Straße 23, 20535 Hamburg
Portugal From 21/11/2011    
Netherlands From 28/11/2011    
Belgium From 05/12/2011    
Poland From 12/12/2011    


Vista at Sydney’s Vivid Festival

One of the most popular events at this years Vivid Festival was FireDance, an incredible performance of dancing flames choreographed to music, the likes of which hasn’t been seen in Australia before.

Using forty jets of flame that rose higher than a three-story house, FireDance exploded several times a night, at Campbells Cove, in Sydney’s historic Rocks district.

FireDance featured two different shows, that alternated with each other on each night of Vivid Sydney. One show was more pop music with the firejet flames dancing to the Katie Perry hit Firework, remixed by renowned artist Peewee Ferris, while the other show saw them in a choreographed balletic performance to the magic of Stravinsky‘s Firebird Suite.

FireDance was created and produced by Howard & Sons Pyrotechnics, a fourth generation family business and leading exponents of flame-projector technology. FireDance uses a pressurised non-toxic hydrocarbon liquid in its FireJets, and its poetry and warmth could be felt tens of metres away.

Howard & Sons trialed a new method of flame delivery; ripping the optics out of some inexpensive moving head fixtures and mounting their flame heads in them!

It was pretty challenging but now we‘ve proved it can work we will probably do it with a better quality moving head,” explained Stuart Bensley, Designer and Project Manager of Fire Dance. “The Jands Vista was controlling all the flame heads and moving heads; about 160 channels of DMX to control 38 Flame heads and 4 moving head fixtures. We had a Vista S1 connected to an iMac and also a full redundancy system so we could swap over if needed.

Stuart further explains that timing is extremely intricate with the FireJets and that an on and off command 15/100th of a second apart produces a completely different effect.

That‘s why the Jands Vista is so good,” he remarked. “The way the timeline works is perfect for this as you can manipulate the FireJets very quickly and accurately. Each show has thousands of cues in it and is very complicated. I did discover that programming moving lights is a hell of a lot easier than programming the flames!

The show proved so popular, more and more show times were announced throughout the festival and ultimately over 250 shows were successfully staged.

We didn‘t have one technical problem and didn‘t miss one show due to weather,” said Stuart.