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Vista at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort

Legoland UK

UK – Jands Vista v2 has been specified to provide control for all lighting aspects of ‘LEGO® Friends to the Rescue’, an all-new live show spectacular which recently opened at the LEGOLAND® Windsor Resort.

LEGO® Friends to the Rescue’ is set in the Resort’ s brand new land, Heartlake City, which recreates the fun and colourful world of the popular LEGO® Friends toy range.

During the show, guests join Heartlake City’ s five female characters on an action packed adventure which is full of music, dance and special effects. Dominating the effects is the harbour’ s lighthouse, which is pixel mapped with over 700 RGB LED emitters using a Traxon Dot media string wrapped around the structure.

Lighting contractor, A.C. Special Projects Ltd. (ACSP) specified the Jands Vista S1 console to control the lighthouse LEDs in addition to the stage lighting. ACSP Director, Lance Bromhead, commented: “Vista was ideal for this project – primarily as it has an incredibly powerful FX engine capable of pixel mapping stunning shapes and animations with ease. This meant that there was no need for additional products such as a dedicated media server, which kept production costs down whilst still delivering on the client’ s requirement for striking visuals.

legoland2Secondly, to reflect the energy and vibrancy of the action on stage, the show required complex lighting sequences played back through 100s of cues. These cues needed to be recalled accurately, without the use of external triggers such as timecode. Vista again had the answer to this. The show is utilising a feature called Learn Timing, which recorded the exact timing between cues the first time they were played back. As a result of this, the operators only have to press a single button and the sequences play back exactly as intended, allowing the technicians to concentrate on other show aspects such as the sound and stage automation.

Finally, ACSP had to take into account the limited amount of space available within the control booth. They needed a small console that didn’ t compromise on power, features or performance. All Jands Vista products run the exact same software and offer the full feature set as found in the range’s largest consoles, so the S1 connected to a laptop provided this small footprint solution.

Laura Jackson, Project Manager for the Resort’s chief production contractor, SGA, commented: “Jands Vista is really proving to be a great choice for the show’ s control requirements. Not only has it exceeded everyone’s expectations in making the lighthouse and stage area look fantastic, it actually proved just as useful during the show pre-production process – because Vista is so visual, it was possible to program part of the show ‘blind’ before some fixtures arrived on-site, saving valuable time in production rehearsals.

LEGO® Friends to the Rescue’ runs several times daily and has been attracting packed out audiences.

Vista training at LDI 2015

LDI 2015 Training

Session Number L15 – Intro level Jands Vista Training

Wednesday, October 21, 2015, 9:30am – 5:30pm

Imagine if you could design your lightshow the way you see it – visually. Spend the day learning how to program on one of the most innovative lighting consoles on the market. Begin thinking and working visually. This class will cover basic programming and expose you to the incredible power of the Vista’s visual interface and timeline.

Target Audience: Console operators and programmers

Seminar Highlights:

  • Patching and setting up the Vista’s visual interface for your work flow
  • Creating and updating Group, Position, Color and Beam palettes
  • Programming conventional and moving lights with the Vista’s unique timeline
  • Creating and editing dynamic chase effects

Taught by: console expert Eddie Welsh of Jands
Class limit 10: two per console
More info & Registration >

Session Number: L16 – Advanced Level Jands Vista Training

Thursday, October 22, 2015, 9:30am – 5:30pm
Eddie Welsh
Spend the day learning advanced programming techniques and console features on one of the most innovative lighting consoles on the market. Begin thinking and working visually. This class will cover advanced programming and expose you to the incredible power of the Vista’s visual interface and timeline.

Target Audience: Experienced console operators and programmers

Seminar Highlights:

  • Refresher and introduction to the latest software build
  • Creating and manipulating pixel mapped images
  • Working with media servers and the timeline
  • Networking multiple consoles and back-up configuration

Taught by: console expert Eddie Welsh of Jands
Class limit 10: two per console
More info & Registration >

Introductory Level Vista Training
Advanced Level Vista Training

Scene Change add to their Vista family

Scene Change AV

Australia’s Scene Change, ‘the #2 AV Company’, has purchased a Jands Vista S1 console to accompany their existing Jands Vista I3 console.

We‘ve been more than happy with our Vista I3 and it made sense to purchase another console that was already in line with what we were using,” commented Jordan Renouf from Scene Change. “By adding the Vista S1 we‘ve gained more functionality and because it is the same software as the Vista I3, the ease of usability for the guys has been very simple.

Jordan states that the surface of the Vista S1 is particularly good with a good number of playback handles for such a small surface.

Again, it has a similar surface to the Vista I3,” he added. “The Vista is such an intuitive console – easy to use and quick. Because of this intuitive design it‘s very quick to patch and program and have a show up and running quickly. Also, as it‘s designed locally, it‘s really easy to get someone on the phone or to answer your email quickly if you have a query.

The Vista S1 delivers five playbacks, including faders and flash buttons, a complete programming section with three encoder wheels, a rotary master fader, two LCD displays and lots more to make controlling your show a breeze.

Vista EMEA Roadshow Starts Rolling

Norway has become the first stop in an extensive EMEA-wide (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) roadshow that is designed to give everyone a chance to take a look for themselves at the exciting next generation Vista v2 software – for the Jands Vista lighting and media control range.

Vista v2 was designed from the ground up to allow all levels of users to get the most from whatever mix of technology they have available, whether dimmers, moving lights, LED, or media. Available in a wide range of hardware Vista v2 offers both the simplicity to work fast, with the power to control the finest details, so everyone can focus on creating a great looking show rather than on programming a desk.

Jands Europe’s Neil Vann says “If you haven’t seen Vista v2 for yourself yet, don’t miss this fantastic opportunity to take a proper hands-on look in a relaxed, local environment and see just how much it can offer you.”

The roadshow is being organised in conjunction with Jands’ extensive EMEA dealer and support network, and after Norway moves on to Switzerland, Sweden and then Germany. Other countries the roadshow plans to visit in the coming months include Portugal, the Netherlands, Belgium, Poland, Lebanon, France, UAE, Turkey, Spain, Italy, Greece, Austria, Russia, Finland and the UK.

Over the next few weeks, the roadshow will be visiting the cities below, but more dates are being added all the time….


4/10 Zurich, Switzerland
17/10 Stochholm, Sweden
18/10 Borlange, Sweden
19/10 Norrkoping, Sweden
20/10 Gothenburg, Sweden
21/10 Malmo, Sweden


7/11 Aachen, Germany
8/11 Wiesbaden, Germany
9/11 Stuttgart, Germany
10/11 Munchen, Germany
14/11 Hannover, Germany
15/11 Hamburg, Germany
16/11 Berlin, Germany

To find an up to date schedule, to register your interest, or to see if we can bring the roadshow to your town, please visit our road show page. To keep up to date with the roadshow’s progress, follow us on Facebook for regular updates.

WWF’s Year of the Forest

A Jands Vista I3 console, running the next generation Vista v2 software, was specified by renowned installation artist and lighting designer Fred Pommerehn to control the lighting for a specially commissioned work on display as part of the World Wildlife Fund’s “Deutschland wird Wald Meister 2011” (Year of the Forest) campaign in Berlin, Germany.

The Year of the Forest initiative is supported by prominent German celebrities, and the launch featured a media conference the day after the installation went live. The lit work became a local and international talking point, as well as a popular attraction enjoyed by press, public and passers by alike.

The temporary installation – which was in place on the steps of the famous Konzerthaus in Berlin‘s Gendarmenmarkt square – featured 26 fabulous tree sculptures measuring up to six metres in height, each carefully crafted by Fred using recycled cardboard materials, and diligently lit for the darkness hours.

Fred’s inventive set design, sculptural and installation work embraces many disciplines and frequently involves lighting as an integral element.

For the WWF event, Lichtblick Bühnentechnik supplied all the technical production – and also constructed the trees, project managed by Frederik Wehlmann.

Fred Pommerehn has worked with the Berlin based lighting rental company, Lichtblick Bühnentechnik GmbH for several years and always specifies Jands Vista to control any lighting on his projects. He explains that there are many reasons for this, including the flexibility of the system and the speed at which he can achieve his aims, as he is often working on projects where the timeframe is a significant factor.

It was the first event on which Lichtblick Bühnentechnik had used the I3 running on the Vista v2 software.

Using the Jands Vista allowed us to work very fast” says Fred, “Especially running with Vista v2. It really takes the complexity out of the process, and allows you to concentrate on getting creative visual results fast.” He reckons that within 45 minutes, they had a polished and refined lightshow that added the exquisite twist of magic that Fred wanted. The lightshow was run in 15 minute loops to a soundtrack throughout the evening.

The trees were lit by about 100 fixtures in total positioned at the sides of the steps for neat low level cross lighting, and a row along the top for backlighting. Three fog machines were also run through the Vista I3, operated manually as and when needed.

Lighting programmer Jonas Pruditsh, a keen Vista user since joining Lichtblick Bühnentechnik two years ago, loves the new v2 software platform. He particularly likes the new selection tools, and the powerful effects. “We had a very short time to programme the show once on site” he explains, echoing Fred‘s enthusiasm that by using Vista they were able to achieve all they wanted in under an hour.

Fred and Jörg Schildbach (managing director) from Lichtblick Bühnentechnik first made a plan to collaborate on projects – technically and creatively – about 15 years ago and have developed a very successful and innovative working relationship. “We are constantly discussing which kit to buy, and are delighted that we committed to Jands Vista.”

From a rental perspective, Jands Vista is proving a great investment for Lichtblick Bühnentechnik. They use the Vista I3 on all their larger shows, they also have Vista M1s and various channel DMX dongles in their inventory to cover all the smaller options. Their work covers a broad spectrum, including exhibitions, corporate and special events, theatre productions, museum/heritage shows and public and live art.

Vista v2 was designed from the ground up to give all levels of user the ability to get the most from whatever technology they have available, whether dimmers, moving lights, LEDs or media, so everyone can focus on creating a great looking show – or event – rather than on programming a desk.

Jands Europe‘s Neil Vann said “Fred is sure that using Jands Vista makes a difference to his creative process, and ultimately the success of the lighting in his work. It is unusual for a light artist to specify a control platform, often they don’t particularly mind as long as the lights are programmed to their specification, but Fred has realised that this choice can make a huge difference. It is great to see Vista v2 delivering again in yet another environment, and helping a designer get the most out of their design

All photos ©David Biene / WWF.

Vista v2 open days in Russia

Jands exclusive Russian dealer, Show Atelier, recently held their first Open Day events to launch the new Jands Vista v2 software to their diverse customer base.

Show Atelier also took the opportunity to announce the winners of their online “Get Your Own Vista” competition, which Jands Europe sponsored with the donation of the first and second prizes – a Jands Vista M1 console with an 128 channel dongle and a Jands USB-DMX interface with 128 channel dongle respectively.
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Vista 2 ‘Byron’ software to preview at Plasa

Vista 2 Byron
Jands will show a major software upgrade for their revolutionary Vista lighting console, at Plasa in September.

Originally released in 2004, the Vista introduced a whole new approach to constructing light shows, with ’think visually, work visually‘ as the core concept. The Byron release of the application takes this innovative approach to a new stage, introducing a true second generation of software, completely re-written from the ground up.

The Byron release reflects the attention Jands have paid to user feedback about the Vista, as well as the fresh vision Jands have brought to the whole concept of how a console works. The update provides easier and faster ways to do existing functions, and introduces a host of new features.

The Byron software will be free-of-charge to current users. Some of the key aspects of the new software include:

  • genuine, zero-configuration, ’no I.T. guy needed‘, automatic networking
  • tracking backup that synchronises a second console or PC to take over seamlessly in the case of a failure
  • a second-generation timeline providing visual split fade times, a per-step timing structure that lets you instantly set fade and delay times for some or all the events in a step, and new filters that make it easier to see what‘s going on with big rigs
  • an extended generic fixture model that doesn‘t limit the use of non-standard or overlapping features and adapts to all types of new and unusual fixtures
  • a completely overhauled user interface reflecting user feedback, with search functions built in throughout
  • a brand new visual method of controlling media servers
  • new Matrix layouts and effects for use with LEDs and other fixtures
  • a Command Line window that accepts keypad input for fixture selection, levels, timing, store and other frequently used commands

Faster and easier to use, the Byron release is a lot more than just an upgrade of the existing Vista. It provides an unrestricted, reliable software platform for building an ever more sophisticated and powerful console in the years to come.

Jands will preview Vista 2 ’Byron‘ on the AC Entertainment stand (1-E10) at the PLASA trade show in London, 13-16 September 2009.

Stage Light Design acquire S3

Vista people

Lighting Designer John Rinaldi of Stage Light Design is one of the first UK customers to take delivery of a Jands Vista S3.

The company specialises in providing a full lighting design and production service for the exhibition and corporate events market, with major clients in the broadcast, telecommunications and electronics sectors.

Intrigued by the Vista’s overall concept and philosophy, John had been following its progress with much interest, but was waiting for the launch of a more compact and affordable version which would be a better fit with his budget and regular pattern of work.
He commented: “The majority of our work is exhibitions, which usually means packing all the lighting control equipment into a tiny little cupboard space on client’s stands. The S3 is ideal for this as I can use it with a laptop to program shows on the stand, and then when I’m happy with the show I can remove it and just play back from the laptop itself – solving any storage problems.”

The S3 control surface becomes a fully operational Vista console when connected to a PC running the Vista software and fitted with a separately purchased software unlock key for DMX output of up to 8,192 channels via Ethernet.

Before ordering his S3, John rented a T2 Vista on a large rig for the Intel stand at this year’s CeBIT exhibition in Germany. The rig consisted of 80 generics, 114 LED battens, 18 Pulsar Chromastrips, various Mac moving heads and well over 1500 channels of DMX.

He commented: “I felt that both the nature of the show and the lighting design leant itself really well to Vista’s way of working. As well as generics and moving heads for lighting the main stand itself, I had 114 LED battens top lighting the enormous ceiling. The brief was to change the ceiling colour, but I went one better and choreographed the colours with the content of the video walls, using SMPTE to lock the Vista onto the Video timecode.”

John split the 114 LED battens into four separate heads per unit to achieve some very bold, dynamic colour sweeps from side to side and front to back of the ceiling. He found controlling the fixtures very easy using the Vista’s layout screen as it created almost a picture of the ceiling from separate icons representing all 456 lights.

The show was programmed by Mark Jones. Stand design and project management was by 2LK Design Ltd.

John used the Vista T2 on several other corporate events before taking delivery in May of an S3 control surface with separately purchased 1024 channel dongle software unlock key.

Birmingham Motor Show 2004 – Mini launch

Vista people

Visitors to the MINI Stand at the 2004 Birmingham Motor Show were treated to a truly unprecedented light show, courtesy of Essential Lighting and the revolutionary Jands Vista console.

EL‘s Managing Director and Lighting Designer Martin Locket (right), together with Moving Light Programmer Martin Seymour (left), were looking to do something totally different with this show:

“The Jands Vista opened up lots of new possibilities. We were able to create all sorts of effects such as multiple offset wipes incredibly quickly. We had 300 cues in an eight-minute show, and some of those we would simply never have attempted on any other console.

If you want to create a truly innovative show without hours of number crunching, the Vista is the only console for you.”

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