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Live Design Magazine Product of the Month: Vista S3 Control Surface

Live Design

Writing in the August 2006 issue of Live Design magazine, Michael Eddy says “if you want to see a console that really rethinks how a user interfaces with it, then get a demonstration of the Jands Vista consoles and try them for yourself.”

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Church Production Magazine reviews Vista T2

Church Production Magazine

In his review Greg Persinger, principal consultant with Design 2020 Church Media Consultants, says “I can tell you that with the graphical interface, the timeline, the drag and drop features, and the common shortcut keys, the Vista has a very easy to use and powerful clip editor that allows you to create and customize your lighting looks quickly and easily. For me, what sets the Vista apart from any other moving light console is that editing is so fast and easy.”
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L & S America – Rob Halliday reviews Vista

LSA 2005

Writing in the February 2005 edition of Lighting and Sound America, Rob Halliday reviewed a beta version of Vista

“Once in a very rare while, a thoroughly remarkable product comes along, a product that changes not only the way you do your job, but your whole approach to that job.

The first thyristor dimmers must have been like that, and the first memory lighting controllers, as well as those early moving lights. The very finest of these products are so elegant that they manage to be revolutionary while appearing so obvious that you wonder why nobody thought of them before. Think of WYSIWYG. Or, beyond our industry, think of the first appearance of the Apple Lisa and Macintosh in the then-DOS-only world.

And now there is the Jands Vista lighting console”.

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Total Production US

In his column, The Visualist, Robert Mokry writes:

“It would seem like every approach to lighting control had to have been tried already. But then a new product comes out that makes you say “why didn‘t someone think of that way sooner?”.

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Viva La Vista!: Jands Vista Console

Lighting Dimensions reviews the Jands Vista console.

Wherever the Vista has been shown to end users, there have been enthusiastic comments regarding its ease of use and simplicity of operation. One world-renowned British lighting designer, consultant, and sometime console designer said, ‚ “That’s the way it should be done. I don’t understand why someone hasn’t done it before now.”

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