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12 Tips for Christmas. Week 1

Check your software is up to date

This may sound silly but it is not unusual for people to contact us with a problem, only to find that their software has not been updated for an extended period of time.

We post the latest versions of our software in the support section of our website:

Whenever a new version of our console software is available, we send out an email alerting users. As a part of our valued user base you would normally receive one of these email alerts. If the person responsible for updating Jands products is not receiving these emails, please ensure that their contact details are sent to us at support@jands.com and we’ll add their details to our mailing list.

However, even though we have suggested you check your software is up to date we do not recommend updating your console at critical times. Below are some points you should consider when thinking about updating your system to the latest software:

  • Make sure you have plenty of time to explore the new features to see how they will work for you, and how they might affect your setup or show;
  • Allow plenty of time before your shows to ensure you don’t uncover any critical bugs that slipped through our testing process. This will give us time to work with you to get the bugs fixed, and allow you to get your show underway;
  • Unless your show is affected by a particular bug do not update your software if you have almost finished programming your show. Wait until after the show day for non-critical updates;
  • Do not update your software just before the audience walks in (This has happened before!);
  • Do not update your software until you have backed up all of your show data, an easy to overlook step as the new software might corrupt or invalidate your setup
  • Never, ever use beta builds on a live show unless you have assured yourself that it is show ready.

Video Tip – Arrange and Setup Quick Picker Favourites

Video tip 1
In this video you’ll learn some useful shortcuts including how to add presets and other components to the Favourites page of the Quickpicker.

Watch on Youtube >

Byron preview screenshots

Byron programmer

Click on the image to see more preview screenshots from the current beta version.

Zero-configuration networking

Zero configuration networking
Most of us have tried to connect two computers and make them talk to each other; and most of us have ended up calling our IT specialist in despair to get it to work.

No one can afford to waste hours getting basic technology working, which is why Byron features ’zero-configuration networking‘: connect a Byron to another console or PC running Vista 2.0 software and they will automatically find each other and connect.

Byron uses Apple‘s proven Bonjour™ networking technology to do this, a ’no IT guy‘ solution that makes backup and more advanced networking operations easy. With Byron you‘ll never have to enter an IP address or configure a DNS server again.

Bonjour is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.

Command line interface

Zero configuration networking

The thing that makes the Vista so special is its visual interface, but we understand that sometimes the traditional ways have their uses. This is why in Byron we‘ve included a command-line interface.

The Byron command line is completely synchronized with the interface, showing the clip or step you‘re editing at any time. When you type a command you see the equivalent action happen on the fixture icons and control palettes: all pen-driven commands are interpreted into plain language on the command line in real time. Of course, the command line supports all well-known numeric keypad syntax (for example, typing ’1/26*55‘ would set fixtures 1 to 26 at 55% intensity).

If you‘re used to selecting lights and setting levels by numbers, you can use the command line in combination with the Vista‘s visual interface to give yourself even greater control than before.

Vista 2 ‘Byron’ software to preview at Plasa

Vista 2 Byron
Jands will show a major software upgrade for their revolutionary Vista lighting console, at Plasa in September.

Originally released in 2004, the Vista introduced a whole new approach to constructing light shows, with ’think visually, work visually‘ as the core concept. The Byron release of the application takes this innovative approach to a new stage, introducing a true second generation of software, completely re-written from the ground up.

The Byron release reflects the attention Jands have paid to user feedback about the Vista, as well as the fresh vision Jands have brought to the whole concept of how a console works. The update provides easier and faster ways to do existing functions, and introduces a host of new features.

The Byron software will be free-of-charge to current users. Some of the key aspects of the new software include:

  • genuine, zero-configuration, ’no I.T. guy needed‘, automatic networking
  • tracking backup that synchronises a second console or PC to take over seamlessly in the case of a failure
  • a second-generation timeline providing visual split fade times, a per-step timing structure that lets you instantly set fade and delay times for some or all the events in a step, and new filters that make it easier to see what‘s going on with big rigs
  • an extended generic fixture model that doesn‘t limit the use of non-standard or overlapping features and adapts to all types of new and unusual fixtures
  • a completely overhauled user interface reflecting user feedback, with search functions built in throughout
  • a brand new visual method of controlling media servers
  • new Matrix layouts and effects for use with LEDs and other fixtures
  • a Command Line window that accepts keypad input for fixture selection, levels, timing, store and other frequently used commands

Faster and easier to use, the Byron release is a lot more than just an upgrade of the existing Vista. It provides an unrestricted, reliable software platform for building an ever more sophisticated and powerful console in the years to come.

Jands will preview Vista 2 ’Byron‘ on the AC Entertainment stand (1-E10) at the PLASA trade show in London, 13-16 September 2009.