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Mark Ronson UK tour.

Mark Ronson Tour

Lighting designer Matt Arthur used a Jands Vista T2 console to provide lighting control for the recent Mark Ronson UK tour.

The Brit award-winning solo artist returned with his formidable live show for a string of UK dates, with an array of special guests performing all of his hits against the backdrop of a 10-piece band.

LD Matt Arthur had been impressed by the Jands Vista’s capabilities after seeing it used for last year’s Keane arena tour, so decided to try it out for himself on the Mark Ronson tour.
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T2 for Dierks Bentley Throttle Wide Open tour

Dierks Bentley

Lighting Designer Chris Reade has specified a Jands Vista T2 lighting console for the current Dierks Bentley Throttle Wide Open US Fall tour, supplied by Bandit Lites Inc.

Known as the hardest working guy in country music, Dierks Bentley’s tour schedule has been at full tilt over the last four years. The multi-platinum singer/songwriter returns for an arena headlining tour, spending the next four months focusing his attention on connecting with his fans in larger venues.

Tour lighting is provided by Bandit Lites Inc. and Video by MooTV. The tour is managed by Todd Ortmeier. Production staff include Crew Chief Chris Hallman and Lighting Technician Dave Langford.

LD Chris Reade has worked with a diverse range of leading rock and pop artists, most recently providing design and/or programming for Marc Anthony, Jennifer Lopez and Aerosmith. Although Dierks Bentley is Chris’s first experience working with a country artist, the partnership has been very successful, with him taking on lighting duties for a fourth consecutive tour.

Chris admits to having been a die-hard user of another console and pretty set in his ways before seeing the Jands Vista, so he wasn’t really looking to change consoles when he decided to see a demo while prepping the rig for the recent Dierks Bentley Summer tour.

He commented: “My first impressions of the console were fantastic. I was concerned about the learning curve, as I have done things a specific way for so long. I was impressed with the graphical layout and the visual timing features per instrument and per capability of the instrument. All without using a keypad. I was also impressed with the cloning features and duplication of instruments.”

On most consoles, changing or ‘cloning’ a fixture type involves substantial re-programming – a job that can take hours. In contrast, the Vista’s generic fixture model feature records the actual target look on stage so when the user changes a light, the console compares the abilities of the lights and works out how to achieve the same look on stage – even if the new light doesn’t have identical features.
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Paulina Rubio World Tour

Paulina Rubio

LD Jeff Lava specifies a Vista T2 for Paulina Rubio’s 2007 tour.

The 2007 Love, Light and Sound tour to promote the top-selling Mexican pop artist’s latest album, Anarda, commenced in February with dates in Europe, followed by a March tour of Latin America. The show is currently playing 29 dates in North America and then returns to each region for more Summer and Fall dates.

Tour LD Jeff Lava was hired to take over programming and directing duties after the rig was designed by Barry Halpin in January. When it came to choosing a control console, Jeff decided to check out the Jands Vista after hearing good things about it from a colleague who’d recently used it on a tour.

One of the features that really stood out to Jeff during a demo was the Vista’s generic fixture model. On most other consoles, changing a fixture type involves substantial re-programming – a job that can take hours. In contrast, the Vista records the actual target look on stage so when the user changes a light, the console compares the abilities of the lights and works out how to achieve the same look on stage – even if the new light doesn’t have identical features.

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A R Rahman’s ‘3rd Dimensional Tour’

A R Rahman

Lighting Designer Shailesh Gopalan and Programmer Becket Tundatil carried a Vista S3 system for the Indian star’s tour of North America.

India‘s Top Film Composer And One Of The World‘s Most Popular Musicians, A R Rahman is the pride of his nation, having sold more than 100 million albums. The 3rd Dimensional Tour kicked off on the 27th of May 2007, taking in 9 cities across North America.

Lighting equipment for the tour included

  • 30 x Mac 2000
  • 12 x Mac 600
  • 8 x Mac 2000 wash
  • 20 x Source Fours 750′
  • 14 x Par 64
  • 2 x DL2 Digital Light
  • Led Curtain

Vista T2 and S3 for Keane World Tour

Keane Tour

Lighting Designer Rob Sinclair has specified Jands Vista T2 and S3 consoles for award-winning UK band Keane’s current world tour.

The 16 month tour to promote latest album Under The Iron Sea began last Apriland has incorporated every size of venue, ranging from intimate club shows to arenas. The shows culminate in August with festival headlining slots.

Keane embarked on the North American leg in May, which includes dates in LA, Minneapolis, Chicago, Detroit, Toronto, Montreal, Portland, Boston, Philadelphia, Washington, District of Columbia and New York.

LD Rob Sinclair has enjoyed a highly successful working relationship with the band since taking over lighting duties – something which is mirrored by his partnership with the Jands Vista console since its launch back in 2004.

Rob commented: “I absolutely adore the console. It’s made my life so much easier and more productive, and makes me look like a much better LD than I really am!”

For this tour, Rob’s brief from the band was to make the stage look as cluttered as possible and give it a sense of space and depth. Rob worked with video pioneer Kevin Godley, who came up with the concept of a forest of aluminium vertical poles with light shining through it to give the set a very 3D perspective.
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Worship Facilities Expo awards for Vista S3

WFX Awards
The winners of the 2006 WFX New Product Awards were announced on Thursday, November 9 at the Worship Facilities Conference & Expo (WFX).
The WFX New Product Awards, presented by Church Production Magazine and Worship Facilities magazine, were designed to recognize the newest and most innovative building, management and technology products marketing to churches within the past year.
Best Overall Lighting Product – Jands Vista S3 and Vista APP
Best Automated Lighting Controller – Jands Vista S3 and Vista APP

Church Production – Jeremy Camp

Click to download the PDF

Another new product that I‘m excited about is the Jands Vista lighting console. It brings
the time-line-based video-editing paradigm into the lighting world, enabling an entirely
new (and intuitive) way to think about programming both theatrical and moving lights.
You can read more about this console in Greg Persinger‘s product review on page 92, and
in the Jeremy Camp tour article on page 18.

On the Road at the NBA playoffs

Vista people

Lighting the team introductions for the NBA playoffs in a 442,000 square-foot arena provides some unique challenges. Kevin Stirling recently posted, on the Light Network, about his experiences with Vista and using VNC for remote control.

Reprinted with permission. Photo by Darryl Ross

“Just thought I’d take a moment to gush…

DaVinci-Fusion, Inc and I brought the Vista to Sacramento’s ARCO Arena for player introductions at games 3, 4, and 6 of the first round of the NBA Playoffs. There would have been more shows, but when you lose you take your toys and go home.

The Vista, of course, performed flawlessly and poetically again this year, but that’s not the point of this post. I wanted to make it clear how thrilled I was with the performance of the Vista under VNC control over a wireless router during programming, install, and rehearsal.

My console sits in the farthest upper reaches of the arena: Northwest corner, catwalk, 90′ above the deck. While affording a bird’s eye view, this position also creates issues with line of sight during programming (scoreboard obscures at least 15% of the house), so invariably some base foci are difficult to verify without multiple long walks around the catwalk. In the dark. At 3 am. Pinned on Rockstar Juic’d. You know how it is.

This issue is avoided with one ride down the freight elevator, and a stroll through well-lit hallways back into the darkened arena where I’ve set up my lappy running VNC at the scorer’s table. There I get full access to Vista’s desktop and, in one short session, fix all the spots I previously couldn’t see. Update some presets. Fix some cues that don’t look as cool from the floor as they did from the air. Run the show again from another perspective. Ah, freedom.

All that says nothing of the time I save on load-in. I used to set up the console once downstairs to verify the rig pre-fly, and then again upstairs with the rig at trim. Now there’s only one set-up upstairs; control is verified from the deck pre-fly and at trim via PC.

Nor does it tell of the assured smiles and dulcet tones I receive from our client, the Kings’ Director of Event Presentation, when I can sit next to him during his rehearsals and be present for all discussions of content not necessarily transmitted over comms. Additionally, if I’m on the floor, my sales manager can talk to me and still collude with the powers that be. That makes him feel better. That, in and of itself, makes my life easier.

In short, don’t be afraid to VNC your Vista. I ran that sucker wireless at a good 500′ range in a building filled with steel and other wireless systems running rampant. Lag was sometimes noticeable, but not prevalent. I didn’t feel secure enough to run the show from the lappy due to the lag, but it may have worked. More experiments with same are forthcoming.

VNC your Vista. Make a love connection.”

Vista on tour with BRIT-award winning band Keane

Vista people

Lighting designer Paul Normandale and programmer Rob Sinclair (pictured) chose the Jands Vista for the recent international tour of BRIT-award winning band Keane. We asked them why they chose the Vista.

Rob Sinclair: “Adding and removing lights to suit each venue was a breeze: the copy, paste and extract features alone make it worth switching to the Vista. But quite apart from its unique features, the desk performed faultlessly throughout the tour and was a true pleasure to use”.

Paul Normandale: “As any programmer will tell you, the worst aspect of any tour is constantly re-programming the desk to suit every house rig. The Vista‘s generic fixture model was very impressive – it just took our fixture data and adapted it to each rig. The amount of time we saved was significant”.

Birmingham Motor Show 2004 – Mini launch

Vista people

Visitors to the MINI Stand at the 2004 Birmingham Motor Show were treated to a truly unprecedented light show, courtesy of Essential Lighting and the revolutionary Jands Vista console.

EL‘s Managing Director and Lighting Designer Martin Locket (right), together with Moving Light Programmer Martin Seymour (left), were looking to do something totally different with this show:

“The Jands Vista opened up lots of new possibilities. We were able to create all sorts of effects such as multiple offset wipes incredibly quickly. We had 300 cues in an eight-minute show, and some of those we would simply never have attempted on any other console.

If you want to create a truly innovative show without hours of number crunching, the Vista is the only console for you.”

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