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Simple, Powerful, Visual

The Vista is a lighting console unlike any other you‘ll have seen. Its simple, visual interface brings a whole new world of speed, ease of use and sheer intuitiveness to the art of lighting.

Think visually, work visually

Draw your ideas

Chooser window (Click to enlarge)

The Vista is the only console that lets you build your lighting designs visually. We believe lighting is more of an art than science, so, rather than asking you to interpret your visual concepts into strings of commands and type them in, the Vista draws them for you, as you select fixtures, and apply settings using Vista‘s graphical user interface. Of course, for engineers raised on typing commands, the Vista still has a command line interface.

See your ideas in real-time

Timeline (Click to enlarge)

Like modern video and audio software, the Vista displays your designs as a series of ’events‘ laid out across the screen over time. This ’timeline‘ approach means that you can see everything that‘s happening in relation to time: when lights come on, when they go off, when they change colour, when they move.

Whatever the sequence of events, you can see it all laid out in front of you, and you can change any of it simply by , selecting an event lengthening it, shortening it, or moving it around. Quick, easy, without punching a single button.

Start designing immediately

Patch window (Click to enlarge)

Unlike the screens on many other consoles, the Vista‘s user interface is immediately familiar to everyone who‘s ever used a computer: windows, scroll bars, drop-downs, expandable lists, search functions, the lot.

Whether you‘re a pro lighting engineer or new to the game, with the Vista you can get down to some serious lighting design quickly and easily.

Information is power

Real life controls (Click to enlarge)

The Vista‘s user interface puts all the controls you need within easy reach, on a single screen, in an intuitive way. The Vista displays a huge amount of realistic, real-time information about your lights: where they‘re pointing, their intensity, colour, gobo beam and other settings, everything you need to build the looks you want.

As a result, the Vista gives you tremendous power and speed. Let‘s say you want to create a colour peel-down: instead of translating this fundamentally visual concept into a sequence of 25 keystrokes, with the Vista you just grab the pen or the mouse and skew the colour information on the timeline. With just a few broad strokes you can create the entire effect.

Every effect you‘d expect, and room for more

Smart FX (Click to enlarge)

The Vista includes a huge library of pre-programmed effects that you can apply at the press of a button to create spectacular shows in next-to-no-time.

Swing effects that modulate between two or more presets, , matrix effects for LEDs, multi-feature perfectly synchronised waveform effects, video effects , they‘re all here, and if you‘re feeling creative, you can invent your own effects quickly and easily using the Effects window.

Automated, no-fuss setup

Ultra-fast patching

The Vista‘s interface makes patching a breeze. You just pick the light you want from a list, type the quantity you want, then drag it over to the DMX universe screen. All done! The Vista also includes an extensive fixture library including profiles for the world‘s most popular and less well-known lights.

Instant connection

No one can afford to waste hours getting set up, which is why the Vista uses Apple‘s proven Bonjour technology to provide ’zero-configuration networking‘. Connect a Vista to another Vista or a PC running Vista software and they will automatically discover each other.

Need to change a light? No problem.

One of the most common hassles of using a conventional lighting console is having to adapt to changes in lights. On most other consoles if you change a light type you have to re-program the whole instruction set to match the configuration of the replacement light, a job that can take hours.
The Vista records the actual colours, beams and other key details, so when you change a light, the Vista compares the abilities of the two lights and works out how to adapt to the new one—even if the new light doesn‘t have the same feature set. Your show doesn‘t change, and you don‘t have to lift a finger.

Sophisticated core technology

Autosave and tracking backup

Vista‘s AutoSave feature automatically saves your designs and your console‘s setup configuration as often as you want it to. If you forget to save or you have a power failure, AutoSave looks after you.
Tracking backup saves you from showtime disasters. You just connect a PC or a second console and if the main console fails for any reason, the backup system automatically takes control, ensuring that the lights stay up and the show goes on.

See your media content as thumbnails

A key feature of the Vista is simple visual control of media servers. When you connect the Vista to a media server, you can see thumbnails of the content on the screen and simply pick the ones you want to play. Much easier than having to remember the name of a media file or, worse still, having to dial up a value.
The Vista integrates seamlessly with media servers that have compatible support for CITP import of media thumbnails.


The Vista is a tracking console and includes all the recording options you‘ll need but it also has a very simple way to save, called ’Store Look‘, that does exactly what it says: you press a button to store whatever ’look‘ is on the stage. This is perfect for situations where the ’lighting guy‘ isn‘t around, or if you‘ve built a look and want it to play back exactly as you see it.

64-Bit / Multi-threaded

Vista‘ V2 is built to run on modern 64-bit operating systems. What‘s more it runs in multiple threads making applications perform better and with less disruption to user interaction.

Top-class live performance

Lighting engineers the world over want “More faders and user-definable buttons”, so that‘s what the Vista gives you. Split the fader banks to double or triple your playbacks or combine them to give you dedicated controls for up to 15 playback functions per cuelist.
You can even use the encoder wheels to set timing and chase speed, and to move through the timelines of your clips. No more switching from page to page or running out of faders with this console.

A console for all seasons

The Vista comes in a complete range designed to suit everyone. Whether you‘re a volunteer doing the lighting at your local church, or a seasoned engineer running shows in mega-stadiums, there‘s a Vista that‘s right for you.

L5 Our flagship lighting console – the most sophisticated, powerful and easy-to-use lighting console available.
T2 For when you don‘t need all the controls of a full-scale console.
I3 A compact, portable, economical version of the Vista console series, just connect a screen, keyboard and mouse.
S3 The largest Vista control surface, just connect a computer running Mac OSX or Windows.
S1 A small and portable control surface designed for use with a laptop, compact enough to qualify as carry-on luggage
M1 Ultra-compact and extremely cost-effective playback-only Vista control surface designed for use with a laptop.
App The complete Vista 2 software, all that‘s missing is the desk itself.