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Networking, Backup and more

Advanced Networking and Safety Features

Autosave – never lose your work

Vista 2‘s AutoSave option can help you avoid losing work in two ways:
First, Vista 2 saves your show file automatically as often as you want; if you‘ve been working for a long time but forget to save a file, or your power goes out, Vista 2 keeps all (or at least most) of the work you‘ve done since you last saved.

Second, if you enable Autosave, Vista 2 automatically saves your console setup, so if the Vista 2 closes abnormally for any reason (e.g. a power failure) some parts of the program state recover when you restart.

Tracking backup – keep the show going at all costs

The Vista 2 tracking backup feature guards you against the unexpected. You can connect a PC or a second console that synchronises itself with your main console. If the main console fails for any reason, the backup system will automatically take control. If you want to control the backup process, you can set the second console so it syncs with the main one but will only take over a show when you tell it to.

You can connect as many backup machines as you want and all you have to do is give them a name; no mucking about with complex networking commands required. Each backup system automatically copies the show programming from the main console and you can start or stop them in any order and at any time.


Nothing‘s more frustrating than problems getting all your hardware working properly. This is why the Vista 2 includes a ’no IT-guy‘ solution that makes connecting a backup system fast and easy.

Advanced core technology

For the tech-head in you, the Vista 2 uses 64-bit multi-threading technology, enabling the software to get the most out of the console or PC it‘s running on.