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Real Life Programming

Real-life, real-time programming

Vista 2 puts all the controls you need within easy reach on a single screen, in an intuitive layout based on user feedback. A major benefit is that you can see your fixtures as icons and arrange them to reflect your actual lighting rig, or in logical groups to suit your style of programming.

Fixture layouts

The Vista 2‘s new-look fixture icons give you more realistic position information. The arrowhead shows you where the fixture is pointing, while the horizontal position of the icon shows pan and tilt.
You can rotate fixture icons to match their actual hanging position, and you can add colour filter information to conventional fixtures such as Pars and lekos (to match the filter on the front of each light):

More realistic palette and components windows

The Vista 2s ’Chooser‘ window includes detail windows that match the features of the devices they represent.
For instance, the detailed gobo palette depicts the gobo wheels exactly as they are, with buttons to select the gobo wheel, if there is more than one, and a central view showing the actual visual effect the combination of gobos will generate:
It‘s never been easier to get the effect you want!

Presets and other components

When you make a preset, group, effect or extract, Vista 2 automatically generates an icon to help you identify that item. With presets, the icons even show the actual colours or gobos applied to the fixtures.
For other component types the icons show a symbol to identify the kind of component, as in this example showing icons for Colour, Gobo, Position and Beam:

Selection Tools

Selecting just the fixtures you want to work with is faster and easier with Vista 2‘s three new selection tools:

  • the ’Rubber band‘ selector gives you the familiar click-and-drag rectangular selection box.
  • with the ’Lasso‘ selector you can draw a freehand shape to select any fixture that falls within the shape.
  • the ’Drag-over‘ selector picks up only those icons that the pointer actually passes over (particularly useful for matrix selections).

See your selection order

The order you select fixtures is important when doing things like running effects, fanning colour or skewing events in the timeline. The Vista 2 gives you the option to see the order in which you select the fixtures, as shown here: