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Smart Effects

More powerful, easier effects

As you‘d expect, Vista 2 includes an extensive library of pre-programmed effect ’templates‘ that you can just select and use immediately. This makes it easy to get a spectacular show up and running in no time.
A lot of our more experienced users have told us that they loved creating their own effects though, so we also put a lot of work into that. The result is a new control interface that enables you to build your own effects from scratch incredibly quickly and easily.


Editable swing effects

One of Vista‘s most popular features is the ’swing‘ effect, in which fixtures cross-fade between two presets, colours, positions or other settings. With the Vista 2, you can now make your swing effects pass through any number of easily editable points along the way:

Perfectly synchronised waveform effects

With the Vista 2‘s unique effects synchronization technology, you can create waveform-based effects on one feature, say colour, and then add a second feature, such as position and keep the two features fully synchronised.

What‘s more, Vista 2 displays the effect waveforms graphically so you can drag them in relation to each other and see what will happen if you add a phase offset.

Matrix effects

Among the Vista 2‘s in-built effects there‘s a special group called ’matrix effects‘ that can generate really impressive effects on banks of LEDs or other fixtures, quickly and easily.
When you have your fixtures arranged in a grid, you can use matrix effects to run intensity, colour, movement and other effects in waves from top to bottom, left to right, diagonally, concentrically in or out, like level meters, radar sweeps and so on.

Video effects

For less structured looks, Vista 2 can run video files across a matrix to create ripples, sparkles, flames, text and other animated effects:

Tools for busking or fully-programmed shows

To give you the best combination of control and flexibility, Vista 2‘s effects can either be ’bound‘ or ’free‘:

  • when bound, the effect is attached to an Intensity, Position, Colour, Gobo or Beam setting, so it automatically stops as soon as another event of the same type is played.
  • when free, the effect continues to run when other events are played, using those events as a new basepoint of the effect.

You can either apply effects to the matrix itself, or to the ’pixels within the matrix‘. Pixel effects give you the ability to run things like random sparkles on the matrix by running normal swing and wave effects.
We‘ve also added a couple of handy ’quick-control‘ features:

  • a tap ’sync‘ button so you can synchronise effects rates with just one touch
  • a control for easily running effects across entire LED battens or LED curtains.