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Vista I3 Console

Vista I3 console

The Vista I3 – a revolution in lighting in one compact package

Compact, powerful, cost-effective

The I3 is an incredibly compact and powerful lighting console that provides the software, the processor and the control elements of the Vista console. All you have to do is connect a screen, keyboard and mouse and you‘ve got a fully operational Vista with exactly the same software and feature set as the full-size console.

Secure and convenient

With the I3 there‘s less to carry with you to gigs and fewer connections to make when you get there. Featuring an Intel Core 2 Duo processor, the I3 gives you all the computing power you need to run dazzling shows. The built-in processor operates using Linux and is dedicated solely to running the Vista software. This means you don‘t have to worry about conflicts with other software applications or hardware, or operating system updates that can change your setup unexpectedly.

Connections, connections

You can attach two external monitors (DVI & VGA) and, if you like to work with a pen-tablet, you can plug it in as the main monitor. You can even attach an (optional) monitor arm to the side of the console.

The four DMX outputs give you plenty of connections to lights and dimmers and you can also connect Artnet or Pathport compatible devices through the Ethernet port. The I3 also features seven USB ports so you can connect other Vista products (such as the S1 and M1) when you need extra playback or programming controls, or when you want to save or load your creations using a memory stick or external drive.

If you want to remote control the I3 you can connect over ethernet using VNC or you can send simple text commands via the RS-232 port. The I3 also accepts Linear timecode, Midi timecode and Midi Show Control.

Choose how many channels you want

While the full-size Vista gives you up to 8192 DMX channels, for smaller shows where you don‘t need that sort of flexibility you‘ll want to keep your costs down. The I3 features a ’dongle‘ that determines the number of channels available: you can choose whether you want 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 or 8192 channels, simply by choosing the ’dongle‘ that‘s best for you.

All the live features of the Vista

The I3 gives you all the features that make the Vista such a great live desk: big, clear LCDs, fader banks you can split or combine and a set of modifier buttons. With 20 playbacks (10 with faders), four DMX outputs, timecode input midi input and three encoder wheels, you‘ll have all the control you need. Of course, the I3 also features the Vista‘s incredible generic fixture model, so no matter what rig you‘ve programmed your show for, theI3 adapts automatically if you have to run the same show with a different rig, without the need for re-programming.

Main Controls

  • 5 user configurable function buttons
  • Blue, Green, Yellow, Red modifier buttons
  • Power button
  • Grand Master (rotary) fader and DBO button

Playback Controls

  • 20 Playbacks, 10 with faders and flash buttons, 10 without
  • Playbacks feature; Blue / White LCD, Select and Go buttons
  • Split mode allows control of up to 50 Cuelists
  • Playbacks can be configured for control of Groups, Presets and more
  • Page Up / Down buttons

Super Playback Controls

  • Playback with 2 faders and buttons
  • Go, Pause, Back, Skip Forward, Skip Reverse, Skip to Start, Skip to End buttons
  • Utilises LCD and Encoder wheels for display and real time control of playback and other advanced functions.

Programming Controls

  • 3 Encoder Wheels with associated Blue / White LCD
  • Next / Previous buttons
  • 12 context sensitive function buttons

DMX Output

  • DMX output channels determined by dongle – sold seperately
  • 128, 256, 512, 1024, 2048 or 8192 channel versions available
  • Specify requirements at time of purchase
  • Upgrades available

Input and Output Connections

  • 4 DMX outputs (* Actual DMX output channels determined by dongle. Software pack, including dongle, must be purchased separately.)
  • 1 Ethernet / Network port (compatible with Art-Net and Pathport)
  • 7 USB2 connectors
  • Linear Time code input
  • MIDI in/thru/out
  • Desk lamp outlet
  • 1 DVI & 1 VGA monitor output (with support for Wacom pen-displays and selected ELO touchscreens)


Processor Intel Core 2 Duo 2.13GHz
System RAM 1GB
Hard Drive 160GB SATA II
Monitor Outputs 2 (1 x DVI + 1 x VGA)
DMX Outputs Four ANSI E1.11
USB Ports Seven USB2.0
Dimensions (w d h) 650mm 600mm 170mm
Weight 19kg Net 25kg Shipping